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Our silent presence on dA as of late is mainly because we're preparing for a rather large state-to-state move (CA to WA) in just a few short weeks. So for a while there will be no updates, will not able to respond to messages, etc until we are good and settled again. Thank you for understanding and we will be back on here soon!

Anyone need a Mia Fey costume?

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 12, 2014, 9:00 PM

I need to start cleaning out my cosplay closet. #____#

Since our Ace Attorney costumes are long since retired, and Nathan's Godot was sold some time ago... I suppose it's time to think about re-homing my Mia Fey costume?

It's a full costume, minus a wig since I used my own hair.

Includes: (Make an offer! $$)

White leather shoes w/buckle detail (Size 9)
Size 9/10 suit dress (I made it, tailored it myself entirely -- can give more specific measurements if needed)
Defense attorney lapel pin
Cotton scarf
White leather belt (adjustable)

I am 5'9", so the dress was hemmed for my height, but there is plenty of fabric left at the hem if you are taller. The dress can be easily altered/darted/etc to be made smaller.

*crickets* >___>

Anyone want it?

Sample Printsssssssssssssss!

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 22, 2014, 12:56 PM

We ordered these a while back (Had some problems with our USPS carrier, lost package, etc) and received them just recently! They're simply gorgeous! (And this crappy photo doesn't do them proper justice at all) The sizes are 8" x 12", and 5" x 7". I'm just unsure if I should set up a print shop via Storenvy/Etsy, and go from there if people are interested in purchasing? Should I do pre-orders only, or should I keep some in stock? Ohhhh, I'm so clueless where to even start with this. 【・ヘ・?】

I'll probably order another batch of Dragon's Crown photos through my photographer, and put up a few never released Castlevania: Symphony of the Night prints as well!



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Yet another successful Anime Expo! Lisa Lisa was worn on Friday (Photo shoot ensued, pictures to come~), and our Dragon's Crown, Elf & Wizard on Saturday. I've posted a couple from the shoot already, and they're just so stunning. I couldn't be happier!

As with most people, post-con depression sets in... but for me, not so much this time around. Onto working my next set of costumes (Escaflowne), my personal one (Terra Branford), and staying busy. Anime Expo '14 was fun, humid, and very crowded, so we did our best to stay energetic.  I am happy that it is over in a way, so that I can look forward to more events in the future and next AX! Next up, Anime California (Friday), Comikaze, Pacific Media Expo, and Anime Los Angeles!

Thank you all for your continued support and kind comments regarding my hobby. Appreciate every last one of you!
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I've begun to add photos from our Castlevania: SOTN photoshoot from just this last month. Our amazing friend and photographer, Franklin Teng captured us in our cosplay, and I am extremely happy with what was shot! So far we're up to six shared photos on dA, but I will be adding a few more over the course of the next weeks. Keep an eye out. ;3

We may be donning Alucard & Maria for another shoot, but it will be location. So we're looking into some ideas, and will update on it once we have it locked down.

In other news, the summer has been really mild down here in Los Angeles so far. Around this time last year, we were well into 100+ F weather (35C+) and it was honestly miserable. I may be speaking too soon, but here's to hoping it doesn't explode into a terrible inferno again.

Also, we've got new cosplay plans into the end of this year, and into next! I'll be making a Lisa Lisa cosplay (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency), and for our next couples cosplay, Allen Schezar & Princess Millerna Aston from Escaflowne.
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I am starting up a facebook page for my cosplay hobby.  Please, if you don't mind, take the time to click 'like' and come journey with me in my world of costuming and cosplay!…


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Life is going well, though lately it seems I've been less focused on my craft, and more so on working.  Been working steady 5 day weeks, and while I love the money, it's wearing my creativity a little thin.  I'm still seeking employment in my profession in the meantime, which I understand tends to hire in the earlier part of the year.  Here's to hoping someone gives me the time of day!  But, for the time being I am working in a gorgeous little cafe in the park.  It pays well and I'm happy to be working there.

As for the sewing front, I haven't progressed a whole lot on my Maria & Alucard costumes.  Don't get me wrong, they're definitely something I will accomplish, and as soon as I can figure out a weekly routine to work on them more, I shall.  I have a few more items to purchase for both, however I don't need them immediately. I found gorgeous 18th century shoe buckle reproductions, and I'm just dying to get my silly little nerd hands on them. D:  I've more or less cut out everything for Alucard.  Some of it is assembled, and the rest is in a pile on my sewing cabinet.  >.>; Should really remedy that.

I figured out how to "dye" synthetic wigs, finally.  Using 70% isopropyl alcohol + FW acrylic ink (It's not a paint, but rather just the concentrated pigment) in a spray bottle, mounting said wig on a makeshift stand, and then spraying each layer and brushing it through gently.  I already tinted Alucard's wig and Maria's.  You can't remove darker colours by "dyeing", so you can only really use this trick on a lighter wig, to change it either darker, or just tint it slightly.  Worked super well, wasn't too messy (Wear gloves and put some plastic down!) and the results made the wig look less artificial.

Other than that, bought a brand new serger (My first!), a new iron, a professional garment steamer... and a tailor's ham!! ;D GOING TO SERGE EVERYTHING SO HARD! (Lolololol)

Anyhoo, hopefully will update a bit more often! Cheers!
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You know how sometimes you just wake up, and can tell it's going to be an off day?

Definitely feeling it.  Can't tell if it's my strange sleep schedule getting to me, readjusting to school, or just a general "I'm feeling unhappy with life right now."  There are plenty of relevant things to gripe over, but none seem to be weighted with enough importance to actually be a legitimate problem.

Therefore, it's just an 'unexplained' off day.  Perhaps a good movie and a little reading is in order, followed by a good lunch.

I'm hoping to get out of the house tomorrow and hop downtown for a little fabric shopping.  I've wanted to start my commission weeks ago, but because of a busy school schedule/work sched, it's been impossible to get off the ground.

Cheers for now,

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Yes, yes.  I live.

Posted a couple of costume pictures.  I've finally reclaimed my muse -- something that has been hard to do since I've moved.

Anyways, check the pictures out!  I know that they're sort of on the grainy side, but we'll make it a point to take more in the near future.  I really want to see if we can do some outdoor or on location shots (Copley Symphony Hall, if they'll let us...?) soon.

I'm relieved that my creativity still sparks.  I just have to keep practising.

Ciao --

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Not being very productive in the creative sense, lately.  (And by lately, I mean the past couple of years.)  School is starting up again, which I'm excited for -- would like to get to my major soon!  General studies are all right, but I *need* to be in theater tech. *O*

Some minor costume plans going on, but nothing too complicated or stressful.  Sometimes I plan cosplay, and realize its just too much to chew.  Working on constructing a Godot mask from Phoenix Wright 3 -- have all of the materials now, so it should be neat once its finished!
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